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    Group booking requests can pose a major challenge for any revenue management department. Group sales offer improved seat load factors and revenues for underperforming flights, yet there is still the risk of selling too many seats at lower prices than you may have otherwise generated.

    Furthermore, the common practice of blocking space and cancelling seats prior to departure requires specific strategies in order to avoid high levels of seat spoilage.

    The challenge an airline faces with group business involves evaluating group inquiries and handling the group process in the most efficient and automated way possible without missing group revenue opportunities or rejecting any individual high-revenue demand.

    Starting with comprehensive analysis of your current workflows, we will support your airline on implementing the strategies and processes necessary in order to optimize your group handling process by

    • Improving streamlining of the entire group management process by implementing efficiency and automation
    • Introducing economic evaluation of group inquiries, including identification of ad-hoc groups and group series
    • Improving customer services and costs by optimizing group inquiry response times through automation and staff productivity
    • Measurement of group performance and reporting

    If you have any further questions, would like assistance or are interested in learning more about our consultants’ vast experience, please do not hesitate to contact us!