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    Revenue Management Training and Coaching

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    We cover a wide range of revenue management topics including pricing and distribution as related disciplines. Our offerings are based on a flexible modular training and coaching structure that can be easily tailored to meet your staff’s existing knowledge and needs, ranging from introductory to professional levels. Our training focuses not only on theoretical knowledge transfer but also emphasizes airline-specific revenue management requirements to ensure rapid realization of benefits in your staff’s everyday work.

    Depending on your airline’s budget and the resources you have available, we offer various levels of support that include modular training at your offices or our offices in Hamburg (Germany):

    • One-on-one training that includes individual instruction and instant feedback
    • Group training with classroom learning
    • Online training based on web presentations and instructions

    All of our training modules are offered as independent products or complete packages. We will do our best to ensure all training and coaching topics focus on best practices that match your airline’s commercial targets and management guidelines.

    Please contact us for more information on our tailor-made approach and our modular training & coaching programs.