NDC – Increased Diversity in Distribution: What is the Market’s Opinion on the New Data Transmission Standard?

New Distribution Capability – what exactly is this? When you search the Internet for NDC, there is an abundance of material – much of the information seeks to explain its theoretical concept. PROLOGIS, an international aviation consultancy with more than 50 clients in over 30 countries, wanted to get to know the market’s opinion and learn about the practical application of NDC. What are the opportunities and challenges of implementing this XML-based data standard according to the stakeholders? And to what extent are market participants already working on compatible solutions?

By conducting a comprehensive market survey, PROLOGIS examined how airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, consolidators, metasearchers as well as providers of distribution and travel technologies feel about the topic of NDC. download executive summary in English (or in German)

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Low-cost, long-haul – Flight of fancy or business of the future?
Putting NDC into Practice