The Value of Strategic Partnerships for European Airlines – Staying Competitive and Increasing Growth

The EU has been dramatically losing direct and intercontinental air connections for some time now, costing the sector  around 26,000 jobs across Europe and threatening many more. At the same time, networks of some Middle Eastern    carriers from the Gulf have taken over a large part of European connections causing transfer traffic between Europe and especially India or Southeast Asia at EU hubs to drop by up to 50{315c398387f222edfbf496b305c11eb064aa5794865bcb38886d2175e1335740} in 2015 compared to 2005.

The main question is now how European carriers will react to the superiority from the Middle East to stay competitive? Are strategic partnerships like Interlining, Code Sharing or even Joint Venture agreements the answer to this and are they effective measures?

PROLOGIS has taken a closer look at the European airline measures and how effective they are in coping with these challenges. The paper contains official statistics and new analyses to show what is currently taking place and if there are certain trends which the European carriers are following.

2015 Aviation Market Monitor
Resistance in Connection with Change Management Projects at Airlines