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    blu-express.com: A new Italian low-cost carrier is born

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    blu-express.com – the low cost subsidiary of Blue Panorama, the leading Italian charter service carrier – was launched in October 2005.
    As Blue Panorama originally served only B2B business, selling to tour operators and travel agents, the challenge for blu-express.com was to introduce and implement a completely new Revenue Management and (web-enforced) distribution approach based on the AirKiosk Reservation & Distribution System and including the introduction of new employees.


    • Project management in terms of Revenue Management
      • General fare setup
      • Flight & yield management
      • Schedule optimization
      • Sales analysis
      • Special sales and respective marketing coordination
      • Coordination & implementation of corporate & group fares
      • General support
    • Induction of new employees in Revenue Management
      • Introduction to low-cost revenue management approach, i.e.
        • Implementation of special sales (i.e. promotional sales)
        • Analysis & reactions on flight/seat sales
      • Introduction to efficient flight & yield management
    • Introduction of the AirKiosk Reservation & Distribution System to new RM-employees
    • Communication interface between provider (AirKiosk) and airline