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    Because we have an excellent sense of balance when it comes to weighing costs and benefits….

    We recognize the difference between what actually causes problems and what the symptoms are. This puts us in a position to provide complete solutions to problems. It also provides the basis for helping everyone who is involved in projects to realize why certain changes are necessary. Our goal is to have everyone work together constructively towards finding the solution.

    Once a common objective has been defined together with you, the route to be taken has been determined and all relevant obstacles and barriers have been identified, active communication will kick in inside your company. We can then discuss the effects that measures will have on employees with them in an open and constructive manner. By doing so, we turn “victims” into participants.

    Regardless of whether the issues relate to business management, IT, company organization or internal communication, we offer successful approaches. In assisting your company, we’ll rely on proven solutions and modify these to meet your specific needs. In doing so, we will not lose sight of your corporate culture or your employees. You’ll be presented with a customized solution that is based on our wealth of experience and successful role models.

    We will also accompany implementation until the project has been successfully completed.

    History of PROLOGIS

  • 2001 Foundation of PROLOGIS after the founders spend several years in the airline industry
  • 2002 Foundation and shareholding of AIRPAS Aviation
  • 2006 Concentration and focus on airline business exclusively
  • 2007 Foundation of PROLOGIS in ABU DHABI
  • Over the whole period PROLOGIS constantly increased the number of employees and customers.